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We are a Birmingham UK based computer services company providing “Complete IT Solutions” to a wide range of clients and industries, within the (SME) small business sector within the UK & EU and home user network .  

Our Client base ranges from sole independent businesses with one computer to companies with 20 computers / laptops linked to network servers.   We provide maintenance and support contracts to help keep your IT systems healthy and running smoothly and if there is a problem, we can guarantee to be there. We also provide networking solutions, IT consultancy, upgrades and installations or one off services to complete specific projects.  We actively encourage our clients to lock-down their systems and advocate a safe & secure environment for their I.T. equipment and staff.  We take security as a major issue, that not only affects larger companies, so we unreservedly take these issues into account when dealing with clients and advise on best practices.

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Check Out our MSupport site for Microsoft Programs   

So Why Use Us   When you use Peewitsol I.T. Pro Services you get a reliable, friendly, personal service, with a high level of technical expertise. Our technicians are all fully qualified and totally updated on Microsoft and numerous other platforms on a regular basis.  

We can help you to:      


  • Protect your systems against disaster 


  • Manage the expansion of your IT needs and increase your company’s productivity through the use of new technology 


  • Ensure the reliability of your systems giving you peace of mind 


  • Maximise the benefits from your investment in Information Technology 


  • Ensure that your IT strategy is helping you to achieve your goals 


  • Keep your system as secure as possible 


  • Ensure you and your staff  are compliant with Security Issues  


Peewitsol I.T. Pro Services is your one-stop shop for all your IT needs.     We provide personal and friendly IT support and office PC solutions for businesses from small independent companies to growing companies installing their first network.     We can offer a full range of services  




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