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Still getting Pop-ups even with Blocker enabled March 13, 2006

Posted by peewitsol in Technical.


On last Friday, I held a security seminar for young executives, regarding surfing the net safely and different types of browsers and the best security settings for them. Some Internet Explorer users amongst them were asking why they still get pop-ups even though they have turned on the Pop-up Blocker.

Barring user error, there are three possible reasons that we discussed indepth below.

These settings can be accessed from Tools->Pop-up Blocker->Pop-up Blocker Settings.

Reason: They clicked (or otherwise initiated a user action) on the page and your Pop-up Blocker Filter Level is set to Medium.

Solution: To set the Filter Level to High; make use of the Allow List and the override key (CTRL) to allow desired pop-ups.

Reason: You have spyware or other malware installed, either with or without your knowledge.

Solution: Acquire and use reputable anti-spyware software. Microsoft has a Beta version of Windows Defender available for download. A few minutes spent researching on the web should lead you to several other popular packages as well. Keep the computer up-to-date with regard to the latest security patches by visiting Microsoft Update on a regular basis and enabling automatic downloads of security patches.

Reason: The web site is making use of a Pop-up Blocker unaware Active X control that provides a mechanism for opening a new Internet Explorer window.

Solution: Use Tools->Manage Add-ons to disable suspect controls. When you visit a web site and get unwanted pop-ups, open Manage Add-ons and see what controls are currently loaded by Internet Explorer. Through a process of elimination, you should be able to disable controls that are being used to open Pop-ups. This may cause legitimate sites to stop working correctly and you will need to re-enable the control when you want to use it. (A balloon tip and blocked-control icon will appear on the status bar in Internet Explorer when a control is blocked. You can click the icon to quickly access Manage Add-ons and re-enable the control.)

Furthermore, do not install Active X controls from sites you do not trust 100%.





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