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How do I install the Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005 agent on discovered computers that don’t have the agent? December 20, 2005

Posted by peewitsol in Technical.

For the following Q&A post’s my thanks to WindowsItPro.

A. If you set MOM’s discovery options to not install the MOM agent, you can install the agent at a later time by performing the following
1. Start the MOM 2005 Administrator Console and expand Administration, Computers, Unmanaged Computers (or Agentless Managed Computers if you want to install the agent on a computer currently managed without an agent).
2. Right-click the computer and select Install Agent from the context menu.
3. Click Next to the “Welcome to the Install Agent Wizard” screen.
4. Select the account that will be used to install the agent. By default, this will be the Management Service Action Account. Leave the default setting and click Next.
5. You’ll be prompted to select the account to be used for the Agent Action Account. Leave the default (Local System) and click OK.
6. You’ll be prompted to enter the path to be used as the destination for the agent installation. Leave the default setting and click Next.
7. Make sure that the “Show task process” check box is selected and click Finish.
The wizard will display details about the agent installation. After the installation is finished, click Close.



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