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Encarta & MSN & WINDOWS Instant Messengers December 18, 2005

Posted by peewitsol in Technical.

If you have Windows or MSN Messengers ( it works on both )

So many IT people have told me about this new feature, I just had to try it out for myself, and now I have,

I’ve just got to share it with you!

You can add Encarta to your MSN Messenger buddy list and ask it questions.

The answers are totally fascinating. But first… here’s how to get this going..

1. Open MSN Messenger and sign in.

2. Add Encarta as a contact: encarta@conversagent.com .

3. Double click Encarta from your Contact List.

4. Ask a question! You get an instant message when you add the contact:

Welcome, Pete! My name is Encarta Instant Answers. I am a smart computer who can bring you the Encarta info you want right in your IM window!Here are some questions you can ask me:* What is the size of Italy?* Where was Nelson Mandela born?* What is a cello?

Type your question and I’ll look it up for you! So I did…

Pete says:Who is Santa?

Encarta® Instant Answers says:Santa Claus, legendary bringer of gifts at Christmas. He is generally depicted as a fat, jolly man with a white beard, dressed in a red suit trimmed…. etc

Go on – give it a go. – it’s kept me amused & if you request it to join an IM you can use it.



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