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Home Users June 9, 2005

Posted by peewitsol in Technical.

Do summink or don’t !………. it’s up to you.

An online business based in Russia will pay Web sites 6 cents for each machine they infect with adware and spyware,iframeDOLLARS.biz, which according to a WHOIS lookup, is registered to a Nick Fedorov in Nizhny Novgorod, a Russian city on the Volga about 240 miles east of Moscow, will pay Webmasters to place a one-line exploit on their sites.

The code exploits a number of patched Windows and Internet Explorer vulnerabilities, including some that go back as far as 2002. Systems that haven’t been updated, however, would still be vulnerable to the exploit.

According to analysis done by the SANS Institute’s Internet Storm Center, the exploit drops at least nine pieces of malicious code, including backdoors, other Trojans, spyware, and adware, on any PC whose user surfs to a site hosting the exploit code. but do read the full script first……….. here

You can try to put ” iframeDOLLARS.biz ” into Restricted sites ( IE6 users only) but I think that Adaware & Spybot have blocked it, so it may not go into Restricted Sites.Please Note that Adaware & Spybot both block site names only & NOT the IP addresses of these type of scum.

To block the IP address for (iframeDOLLARS.biz) or any of the other disguises originating from this address, you can if you feel ok with it, block it through your firewall. IP address usually through advanced rules.



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