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Back-Up Address Book & Favourites April 26, 2005

Posted by peewitsol in Technical.

I’m often asked how do you SAVE your address book ?

Backup Address Book

Right click on Desktop & make a “New” folder & name it “Address Book”
Start Address Book, Click File / Export / Other Address BookThen select Text File (Comma separated values) and click Export. Click the Browse button to select where you want to save the output file to, and it’s name, ( recommend to Desktop “New Folder” that is made).
Then click Ok and then NEXT On this page, tick the fields you want to export, ( I suggest all fields ) then click FINISH.

Burn the “.CSV file & Folder” to a Cd or floppy disk & keep it in a safe place ( preferably away from your computer) .

To Import the file into your new Address Book ( download the Folder from Cd/floppy onto your Desktop )
Start Address Book, Click File / Import / Other Address Book.
Then select Text File (Comma separated values) and click ImportBrowse to find the *.CSV file ( within the Address Folder ) you created earlier and follow the on screen prompts.

Backup Favourites

This is a relatively simple operation and invaluable if anything goes wrong. To back up your favourites using Internet Explorer, go to File > Import and Export.
The Import/Export wizard will open and all you need to do is follow the instructions and Export a back up of your favourites to another location on your hard drive or even better, to a second hard drive.
The exported folder can also be saved to disk.
You can import your favourites into Internet Explorer in the same way.



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