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111109216453783401 March 17, 2005

Posted by peewitsol in Technical.

This issue of Security Watch is being brought to you by Peewitsol IT Solutions

Each Security Watch eNewsletter, and the special Security Alert issues, are produced independently by the Windows IT Pro Custom Media Group and is distributed by various Microsoft security partners.
Each eNewsletter containsup-to-date information about security strategies, technologies,and alerts.
Each Security Alert contains the latest information about security threats.**************************SECURITY WATCH

NEWSLETTER**************************Peewitsol IT Solutions http://www.peewitsol.tk
email * pete@peewitsol.tk
Computer IT & Security with the personal touch.
Specialist for Small Business Contracts & Business Critical Support.
A Microsoft Registered Partner 2005 ———————————-[March 2005]


Current level: Elevated(Levels: Normal Risk, Elevated Risk, High Risk, Critical)Malware = Malicious Softwarehttp://www.windowsitpro.com/econtent/securitypartner/index.cfm?action=Article&RD=1810&ED=1&FD=032005101&ND=9

RECENT SECURITY ALERTS AS OF February 25* Microsoft (12)* Red Hat (42)* SuSe (4)http://www.windowsitpro.com/econtent/securitypartner/index.cfm?action=Article&RD=1810&ED=1&FD=032005100&ND=9
This newsletter was brought to you by Peewitsol IT Solutions.



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